February 25, 2007

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I am a junk hound. Point me in the direction of a good flee market on a sunny Saturday afternoon and I will be as happy as a giblet in gravy. Now I know that many people like to brag about how much they spent on their car or their boat, and they enjoy waving around a five or six carat diamond, but my pride in possession comes from another source, I’m cheap! Of course I must admit to being cheap out of necessity, they don’t call us starving artists for nothing, but I mean I am good at it!


While perusing a goodwill store for a small desk upon which to place my recycled PC for my children’s use my daughter and I struck gold. It only happens once in a great while but when it does you feel like this guy  http://articles.news.aol.com/news/_a/declaration-of-independence-copy-sells/20070223145609990006

 Well, not quite.


Being a cabinet maker by trade I can spot quality furniture from a mile away. There in the back of the store sat a six drawer oak dresser with mirror that would have been new in the
Roosevelt administration, and I do mean Teddy. I quietly sidled over, containing my excitement to read the price tag and nearly fainted, $15.


As quickly as I could I walked to the front of the store and laid my $13.74 on the counter. Oh, did I forget to mention I frequent so many thrift stores in my capacity as director and scenery designer for a small Christian theatre that I actually possess a 10% discount card fro the Goodwill store? Now that’s cheap! So off we go to collect the suburban to transport this glorious item, which my wife is dubious about although I have resold other antiques with much success in the past, and it occurs to me that if they had wanted ten dollars more I would have passed it up.


This may not seem significant unless I tell you that I had been meditating on the concept of divine redemption off and on over the past few days. Ten dollars difference would have separated me from my prize, how unlike God I am. The kingdom of heaven, Jesus said, is like a man who walks through a field and finds a treasure. Immediately he goes out and liquidates all of his assets to buy the field and possess that treasure. What he forgets to mention is that the man in the story is not us, we are the treasure, the man is Father God.


Liquidating the assets of even a wealthy man here on earth is no small feat, what could God sell to gain such a treasure? Now mind you he can’t borrow against it because it is worthless to everyone but himself and so he sells the only thing he has that will pay the price, his own life. In this God demonstrated how much he cared for us, while we were still in rebellion his only son gave his life for us, with no guarantee that even one of us would respond!


Not only does he give is life willingly but he said that he did it with his eyes on the prize, us, and counted it a worthy endeavor. Wow! Me personally I think he got gypped, cause I know I’m not all that and a lotta people out there in much worse shape than me, know what I’m sayin?  But seriously folks you are bought with a price , no THE PRICE!


So as I collect my dresser and take it home and photograph it for sale I will be thinking on what Jesus paid for me and how I can make it  a more worthwhile investment. What about you, were you worth it?


Interested in a dresser, for sale cheap at $150 bucks, send email to Markrmorris2@sbcglobal.net for a picture.


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