A cosmic game of tag! You’re it!

February 27, 2007

Some of my fondest childhood memories revolve around the game of tag, well maybe not my fondest… oh skip it! I hate the game but it just didn’t feel right to start off with tag sucks! All that running with no time to slow down and contemplate the beauty of God’s creation, now freezetag, there’s a game!

Lately I find myself in this cosmic game of tag with God. It goes a little something like this…Mark screws up and then, in a show of colossal ignorance, ignores the first three chapters of Genesis which outline just such a scenario, and runs to “hide” his mess.

It is at this point I seem to hear footsteps pounding after me and as I look back over my shoulder I see Jesus sprinting to catch up, sandals slapping, robe flapping, with a big goofy grin on his face.  “Oh no,” I say to myself, “I can’t let him catch me with this big pile of crap I’ve made of the life he just fixed twice yesterday, so i stuff it down the back of my shorts and stand waiting as he gets closer. I figure he’s going to catch me and he knows all of the hiding places, all of them, so I face the music.

I think the most terrifying part of this has got to be the grin. Not having any older siblings myself I’m not sure on this but I think a smile on the face of an older brother in hot pursuit is usually a precursor to sadistic torture.  He runs up out of breath (yeah out of breath, I also believe God can put a lid on so tight he couldn’t get it off, he’s like that) and taps me playfully on the shoulder, “You’re it!”

He turns and runs a few steps off expecting me to follow but I have a pile of…, wow that metaphor stinks, um Ihave stuff down my shorts so I don’t dare move for fear he’ll find me out, “Come on and play with me.” “Can’t” “Oh, got more important people to play with?” “No, I have…stuff.” I drop my stuff accidentally and there I stand with him looking it over, scared spitless. 

Now, here’s an interesting little “aside”, why is it that when we deal with other humans we want to pretend our sin doesn’t stink, or at least not nearly as bad as theirs, but when we deal with God we expect him to be shocked by the depths of our depravity, and run screaming, “Help I’ve never seen anything like it!!” Do we really think our sin shocks or surprises God?

Okay back to the story. 

 “Oh, that, ….huh. Okay, you ready now?” “But what about the…stuff.” “What, you want to bring it? No? Okay leave it here I’ll send somebody by to clean it up later, come on. It’s all right, Dad?” “Yes son?” “Will you tell him its all right?” “It’s all right.” 

So reluctantly I leave my mess and begin to follow after Jesus. Pretty soon I’ve forgotten all about it and I’m running so hard after him and it feels like that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do, and then temptation walks by in a short skirt, or carrying a tray of donuts, or whatever and I fall prey to spiritual ADD. And the process repeats itself, again and again.

The point is, all he wants is our affection. All he asks  is for us to chase him so he can turn and scoop us lovingly into his arms and dust us off. Heb.10:5-9 describes Christs sacrifice for us and in verse 10 it says this…we have been made Holy through the sacrifice of  the body of Jesus Christ once for all.

So the next time you hear him coming, drop your stuff and run into his arms, tag, you’re it!


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  1. You don’t know me…but that is freaking AWESOME! I needed that!

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