James Cameron, Christ’s Resurrection, My reaction!

March 1, 2007

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This morning my oldest daughter, age eleven, dropped a dime on her brother. Dad she said Asher is saying xxxx! What? You heard me. So he was summarily called on the carpet. Now let me interject here that I have no idea where on God’s green earth he could have learned such a word as I myself have never uttered a profanity in my…well maybe once, or…never mind, the point is my son needed correcting and I was going to do it!

Now at this point I figured I could take it from one of two angles: I could freak out, punish him severely and try to scare him out of ever uttering this particularly heinous word in public. (just kidding, relax) Or I could explain to him the meaning of the word and hope that his own internal governor would kick in. I chose the latter and it worked like a charm.

You see, I know that overreacting in the rearing of my children will bring unwanted results. If I had lost it he might have used that word as ammunition the next time he wanted to get under my skin but now that he realizes the weight of the word and how he will be perceived for saying it (and also the severe overreaction of Biblical proportions that will occur on his person the next time he so much as thinks of uttering it) we can go on our merry way with little threat of him repeating the offense.

 I knew that he had no idea what he was saying because I myself experimented with use of this word in my youth and received a severe rebuke that  has scarred me to this day. (jk)

Now to the reason for my post. James Cameron has discovered the body of Christ folks, or so he claims. Now granted that raises several serious questions, however I think we should take inventory before we respond.

Here, I believe, is what needs to be said to those of us who feel the resurrection of Christ needs to be defended from the likes of James Cameron.     

The knee Jerk polka

Copyright Mark R.Morris Jr, 2007

Come on and dance the knee jerk polka

Just grab a partner and spin, spin, spin!

Go on and give them one more reason

To keep believing atheism wins in the end

Come on and dance the knee jerk polka

Go on and shout and scream and fuss

Just let it out you’ll feel much better

After all who cares what sinners think about us?

The knee jerk polka is the dance to do

The knee jerk polka always shows what’s true…

Come on and dance the knee jerk polka

Don’t stop to think, or read or pray

Go on respond before you cool down

Don’t remember to love or you’ll forget what to say

You know they like to see us dancing

It makes them laugh when we get mad

If they’d just take the time to listen

We could make them understand that they

 are reaaally, reaaaally baaaad!

That said remember this: Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and say all manner of evil against you FALSELY, wait what was that? Oh yeah, they actually have to persecute us for loving them for the blessing to kick in folks! So, when I go off half cocked and try to PROVE something that I am told, by Jesus himself,  they can’t understand due to having blind eyes and deaf ears, and even I have to exercise faith to perceive it, I end up being the jerk! Let them question, God can take it.

Come on people this man stretches the truth for a living. (did you see Titanic? of course he won the Oscar, he made a three hour romance that preteen boys would sit through to get a glimpse of you know what, and their parents would allow it because it had “historical value” the man is a freakin, albeit twisted, genious!)

Jesus was physically resurrected! Yes, it matters! David prophesied it in Ps. 16:10 and just a couple months after the actual resurrection Peter mentions it in his sermon on the day of Pentacost. (Acts 2:31-33) He even claims every one of his listeners as a witness to that fact. IF it was not widely believed to be the truth, surely somebody there would have corrected him. Instead he preached one of the greatest sermons ever preached in something like thirteen different languages at the same time and over three thousand people repented and were baptized!

So in the end what is the result? Jesus becomes the center of attention! And this is supposed to be a bad thing? Paul said he didn’t concern himself with details, but rather rejoiced that Jesus was being talked about! Seeeeee? Satan thinks he can win by discrediting God, however he just draws more attention to who? James Cameron? BZZZZT! Wrong answer! Jesus? DING DING DING! We have a winner

By the way if you are here for the real skinny, Jesus was the son of God born of a virgin, lived a perfect life, was crucified at the hands of the Romans, dead, buried, physically resurrected on the third day, ascended into heaven where he now sits to make petition for us with the Father. He is the only living God , he said of himself: I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except through me. All men have fallen short of the perfect standard of God and the penalty is eternal damnation in a literal hell of flames and agony, however the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ whose death on the cross paid the price once forever for all who believe.

 If you have further questions, leave a comment or email me@ Markrmorris2@sbcglobal.net



  1. the message is delivered 🙂 thanks for the touch of humor. alot of Christians are probably tearing their hair out over this news for some reason so it’s nice to see it in a different perspective.

  2. Great article. Also got a chuckle over the XXXX word. My daughter at the ripe age of 3 told me that her older sister then 5 said the “F” word. I was shocked she knew what that was and asked her, “Bethany, do you really know the “F” word?” “Yes.” “Then tell it to me…” Pause – scared look on face, “OK…….it’s, it’s SHUT UP!” “Yes, Bethany, your sister shouldn’t have said the “F” word!” 🙂

  3. This is a great opportunity. Let your light shine folks!


  4. I saw your comment on another blog. You spoke of a
    Aslan and Narnia, it caught my attention. But your humor is priceless!

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