Thoughts On Being Reborn God Style

March 4, 2007

Your voice washed over me in soft cascading melodies,

stirring still born echoes of the “we” we used to be then.

As if with the screeching of nails on a chalkboard

my conscience tore itself away from the connection

 the white hot passion of your pure incandescent love

 too bright for the darkness in the corners of my soul.

 Why? Why did you continue reaching, running chasing after me

 shouting epithets of love in your unbridled passion to capture my soul?

The weight of crushing misdeeds and random unkindnesses

pressing me down deep into the roots of my soul,

where stillness gives way to chaos, still was not enough to hide me

from the piercing gaze of your omniscience.

You walked here in shattered darkened hallways

decorated in the decadence of my rebellion yet seemed not to see

 or even give assent to the existence of the filth and corruption surrounding me.

This is me! My soul tears itself from me and pummels you

 with angry fists of bright blue rage! See me as I am!

 And yet it was my misunderstanding, my lack of comprehension

 that opened this chasm of miscommunication that looms threateningly between us.

With one outstretched finger you reached past me,

piercing the fabric of my universe, melting gaping holes in the myth of my hypocrisy, pure white light falling into every corner,

 revealing in an instant the beauty that lay all around.

Where had my soul gone? I find myself in some foreign state

 staring blankly at the crystalline veil now separating me from my darkness,

 enveloping me in you. You knew? You wanted me to know

 that all of this was buried beneath the illusion of my sin,

that already things were different from the moment of our introduction.



  1. there is always miscommunication,lacking that element there could be no intriguing communication after all..or so i reckon.

  2. Some people expect their rebirth to be so sudden and they feel disheartened when they still struggle with the desires of this world. For many rebirth can be a long process of intense struggles. At least it is for me.

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