Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater!

March 8, 2007

I hate cheaters! Felt that way my whole life. Would rather take my licks for having failed than be perceived as a success by cheating!

As a home schooling parent there are few things that my kids have the opportunity to cheat at. Except when we are trying to prove a point or fit into the world’s system homeschool families generally avoid the typical “cram for the test” mentality in favor of an opensource education. But today it happened.

My daughter cheated on her spelling test! The way our curriculum works, and it seems to be working, is this; you take a test and whatever words you miss, you study again and ad them to the next test, and the next as long as it takes. So if you do well on a test your workload in spelling is comparatively light, but if you fail miserably you will definitely have incentive not to do it again because you are required to write the word, use it in a sentence and several other repetitive steps.

What to do? Obviously telling her not to do it again will hardly be a deterrant, so, I assign her to repeat ALL of the words in the test, to which her response is to burst into tears. (to be fair she is eleven and a half and, as my wife is fond of reminding me, about to become  a woman so  bursting into tears these days is like saying her 10 year old brother runs in the house!)

It seems she thought this was unfair as she had only cheated on the one word. To which I replied that was whenwe caught you, how do I know it only would have been one word? I don’t know, she says, because that was the one I didn’t know? Why did you cheat? Because I didn’t want to have too many words to repeat.

Reminds me of another conversation: Adam, why are you hiding? Uh…because I’m naked! Who told you you were naked? and then the finger pointing, excuse making and more lies begin.

Sometimes I wonder at the fairness of it all, God says I made rules, break one, pay the price for all of it! Seems like a jerky big brother I’ll leave you here at the park by your  self is why you have to, kind of way to make rules. Except! (and this is a big exception folks) God also said; I’m going to send my Son down there, he’s going to pay the price for anybody who will believe it. So, any takers, show of hands please? (Oh, I forgot, every head bowed, every eye closed so we don’t scare anybody away. which by the way is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves! If I come to Jesus in secret because I’m afraid of what others might think of the fact that i am admitting to being a sinner WHAT am I gonna do when the going gets tough? (see my post yesterday) hummm? Didn’t Jesus say something…Oh yeah, Tell people about me, I’ll tell my Dad you’re all right! But keep it a secret and mums the word!)

So anyway he offers thie great trade! Tired of trying to keep all those pesky laws all by yourself? Running out of ink from keeping score? Have we got a deal for you, The NEW IMPROVED AUTO LAW FULFILLER! That’s right folks never keep score again, free to do what you want. **certain restrictions and limitations may apply, not available in stores, void where legalism is practiced, see John 3:16 for details!**


One comment

  1. kinda sounds like dell tech sup…oh, no it doesnt.

    seriously-really really enjoyed that last paragraph.

    and look on the bright side with your daughter. at least she didnt shut down the power at church.

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