Do you know what God’s problem is? I’ll tell you!

March 14, 2007

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. As the saying goes I tried to take life one day at a time but somehow several of them ganged up on me at once. Busy, not scoutmaster, PTA, bakesale busy. More like 2 yr old with a broken arm, car breaking down, wife with the flu, window busted out of the front of my theatre, having to have unpleasant conversations with employee (who is now my friend because we were not sure we could be both friend and coworkers anymore) crazy world spinning out of control busy!


And that’s just since Friday! Now why is it that I have enough interesting weird problems to fill an encyclopedia while my neighbor has a dog with mange? Is the universe dumping on me? Well to be fair, the neighbor’s wife hates him, his kids are out of control, he hates his job and he’s losing his hair, so maybe my life is not so bad after all.


Into every life a little rain must fall, we all have problems, theoretically. Let me explain. Cast your cares on him for he cares for you, sound familiar? Sounds good in principle but what do we do with it? Here, here’s my cares…..wait, no that one it’s much too small for the creator of the universe to be dealing with, not that one! I’d be far to embarrassed, you can take those two, and here’s a little one that won’t take you but a second I’m sure, whew, I feel better. But do we? We stagger along complaining and whining about why God doesn’t seem to be doing much to help us carry the load!


Then, as if we don’t have enough to do, we go out and invent problems for God! What are we going to do about the SIN in our community? I don’t know, repent? NO not OUR sin, THEIR sin! (we say with fingers pointing) It’s like some kind of adult playground. So we point our fingers, turn our noses up in the air and begin to chant things like WHORE! (whether it’s true or not, remember the smelly kid in school? We were sure his parents didn’t care about him at all. Never mind that his Father was spending every waking moment caring for his dying mother, or whatever) Then we pick up our stones and….sound familiar?


Does God have problems? Interesting question. Of course not. If he is capable of manipulating the details of every geo-political structure since the beginning of time to bring history to a point where a specific man would be executed by a specific group on a specific day of the week, what makes you think that the chaos you witness around you is anything less than the beautiful tapestry of history viewed from far too close?


I just had a conversation with a friend regarding things, you know how are things? In the course of the conversation it came up that he felt there were times in his life if circumstances had been different financially that it might have been easier to dissolve his marriage. Wow! How cool is that? Do we really think that God let this happen by accident? Amazing that we have a God who loves us so much he will seemingly deprive us of the things we ask for so fervently in order to preserve the things he wants us to have!


So, here’s where I explain the theoretical part. If I cast my cares (problems) on God (give them to him, no takesy backsies) and IF god has no problems, then what am I left with? So, I have no problems, only potential opportunities for God to glorify himself in working out the solutions.



  1. You have an interesting way of reminding yourself where to turn for HELP! I need it too. Thanks.

  2. What’s wrong with losing your hair???????

    Do you think it is weird that the word “weird” breaks the i before e except after c rule?

  3. “So, I have no problems, only potential opportunities for God to glorify himself in working out the solutions.”


  4. In our life path filled with straight lanes and the nasty curves thank heavens we have God. By allowing the “higher-up” to give us a hand allows us wee mortals to struggle through those curves.

    Great post….di

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