The Weatherman, Aid to Society, or Usher to Armageddon?

April 5, 2007

A big howdy ya’ll from the land of cattle ranches and trailer parks! That’s right, Oklahoma, the state that is so proud of its heritage our state motto reads,
Oklahoma is….ok! Just ok? They have in recent years redone the license plates to read Oklahoma Native America but his rings hollow considering, they never wanted to live here either.


Now before you think I hate it here, let me clarify, I think that Oklahoma City is , in some ways, one of the best places to live in the country, and I grew up in six different states and have visited 37 of the lower 48. But we can’t seem to figure out who we are. I want to apologize to the rest of you for our news reporters giving the impression that all Oklahomans have less than a full head of teeth and more than three dogs! It seems the only time we reach the national spotlight is when  a vicious tornado ravages a trailer park, (now come on people its called “Tornado Alley” for a reason, so maybe a trailer isn’t a good idea, but ,seriously, grouping them together in a park where the tornado knows right where to find them is just asking for trouble, isn’t it?) or our illustrious governor (this guy keeps bragging about lowering the crime rate which is easy if you just keep legalizing enough things, like gambling, and tattoos!) starts wining about us not getting the ice storm relief money we need! (And there was that Kansas farm boy who decided to blow up the



By the way, wanna know how it costs TENS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to rebuild farmland (fences and barns folks, its not even like we need very many silos or anything) when General Steel keeps reminding us that they can build any building in half the time at half the cost? Read my “Diary of a Government Fiasco” post for a small sample of the cost of government.


So, if it isn’t bad enough that we get this kind of attention you should see how we treat this “severe weather here”. Most people when they first arrive tend to become terrified sometime around noon on their first Saturday in town. That’s when we test our “early warning system” or tornado sirens for those who don’t know. This is pretty much like the old air raid sirens you’ve heard in the movies, or for some of you in person, and they used to be reserved for the times when those wall clouds sent down plumes of cyclone to wreak havoc.


Lately the weather man here in Okc is king! If the sky darkens up and vaguely resembles a severe thunder storm , they preempt programming on both TV and radio to fear monger. If there is no danger then they will take the time to drag out the footage of the last big one and scare the bejeebers out of the elderly and small children.


They have gone to extremes with sounding these behemoth sirens which used to herald impending doom to the point that soon I believe these “big scary cloud” sirens will be about as effective a garden hose on a three alarm fire. People will eventually stop paying attention. It isn’t that I don’t understand that “being 4 warned” and that when they say “we’ll keep you advised” that somewhere deep in their hearts is the original reason they became a meteorologist in the first place, to save lives. But come on!


I think this is a symptom of the society we live in! It is apparent that the gap between the haves and the have nots is widening in our society. This in and of itself is nothing new except for the fact that I am speaking of brains! It seems to me that people are becoming more and more prone to panic, illogical behavior, turning to others to do our thinking for us at a time when world events dictate vigilance as the watch word of our day.


What will we do when the jello really hits the fan?!! What will we do when our ready open lines of communication with talking heads who spend their days trotting out “experts” to tell us how to lead our lives this week, (never mind that they contradict last weeks experts) on every issue from health care to religion are destroyed? OR WORSE YET , controlled! Do you know that the British school system is no longer teaching its students about the holocaust? Do you know that the last living participants of the second world war are leaving this planet at an alarming rate?


Now I am not suggesting that we all rush right out and stock up on bottled water and duct tape, but pay attention! Look at both sides of every issue! The global political landscape is so mired down in the acquisition of power, even the people we used to trust are telling us what they want us to believe!


I am not one who goes in for every new trend in “prophetic thinking” but Jesus said that the end times will be like a woman in child birth. Now, being the father of seven children and the oldest sibling of seven, whose mother had home births (which I know for some of you this will make you gag) that I attended. Next to an OB GYN I’m about as close to an expert as any male can get on the subject of labor. We may not be in the LAST DAYS but we are definitely in active labor. History cycles, it repeats itself, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”


I am not suggesting a specific “plan of attack” as it were, but I am pleading with sensible people who think for themselves to be prayerfully mindful and ready to act, in whatever way God calls you to act. Regardless of whether it is the last contraction and history is ready to birth the second coming or not we are in a time of heavy turmoil, things are not stable, things will change for better or worse within our generation in a way that will be irrevocable. If there is one thing I know, once a woman is in labor, I mean really in labor not I think I am….. no I’m not…. maybe ….no. When she grabs your hand, cuts off the circulation and tells you its time, there is no going back! The process has begun, the process that leads to HIS arrival! Dream as if you have forever, live as if you have today!



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