Are you wasting your time reading this?

April 10, 2007

Time, you can use it wisely, you can spend it, you can waste it, you can invest it but no matter how hard you try you can never get any more of it than you started with. How are you spending yours?


What would you do differently if you could go back, back before the fall, before time mattered? Before the death clock started ticking? What would you do? Would you still rush off to work every morning? Would you spend hours competing for that slot in the fast lane to get back home to crash into your easy chair and enter into whatever fantasy land you go to, what ever numbs the white hot pain of your insignificant existence?


Or would you slow down? Would you change your habits and make time for the things that you know you should be about?


What is the highest use of time? Is it rushing around in a search for significance? Trying to get a large enough piece of the pie to be noticed? Or is it in contemplation of the universe, thinking about what makes us tick, maybe even the nature of time itself?


If you could only do one thing today, only had enough time to do one of the things on your list, (whether that list is mental, paper or digital we all have one) which thing would it be? What choice would you make?


I have heard it said that this mode of thinking is the way to put your money to work for you, deciding on a case by case basis what your priorities truly are, what is most important to you. Why not time?


If we really are just visiting here on this planet how should we spend our time? What things will we take with us from here into the next world? What things will we regret having given priority to when we look back from eternity?


What about the others around us, are we investing our time wisely in our relationships, our fellow travelers on the wheel of infinity? Do our families really need more stuff, bigger things, the latest time wasters? Do we really make their lives better by amassing more stuff? If you had the time to do or say anything with or for or to the people you love, what would it be? What keeps you from it? Does is it really matter, more than that? Is it really worth giving up what you are trading to get what you think you want?


Today, right now, where you are, think about time. Those ten seconds are now gone, unique in the history of the world and never to be repeated. What if you saw time that way? Good and bad, gems of irreplaceable beauty? Each moment hand crafted by the Father of Lights, crafted to make you into what he sees in you? If you could walk through just one day with that in mind, what would happen? What would YOU say? What would YOU do?


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